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BD Expo has been present in the sector of Event Outfitting ever since the 80’s, offering its turn-key services to clients in Italy and abroad. In 1995 the company took its first steps into the world of “group stands” in Europe, and in the year 2000 was entrusted with its first entire installation of a large-scale trade fair event.

From that time until now the expertise of the company has evolved to include providing complete support to event organisers and fairground complexes in the overall organisation of important trade fair events. The organisational services offered by BD Expo range from pre-sales assistance of exhibition spaces, through to the management of relations between the organisers themselves and; exhibitors, fairground complexes and safety regulators. Naturally, BD Expo then guarantees the actual outfitting of the event’s areas, employing structures and furnishings of its own design and production.

The company has had various experiences with the outfitting of group stands overseas, in particular in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, for European Companies looking to point their business at these new markets.

The experienced matured over the years has allowed BD Expo to develop specific work instruments for managing large-scale events with numerous exhibitors. The principal achievement developed, is “SEM” Smart Event Management, the web-based platform specifically designed to assist fairground complexes and event organizers with the complete management of entire trade fair events and group stand projects.

Simultaneously, BD Expo has developed and engineered a range of structures and equipment named SMART SYSTEM, that facilitates the outfitting of large areas in reduced timeframes. This system is made up of a wide array of patented furnishings and display systems that are completely collapsible, dividing walls and architectural structures.