COMPANY – Interpreters of the future, strengthened by their past

BD EXPO stands have been leading the way at the most renowned trade fair events in Italy and abroad for more than 30 years, including more than 20 years of specialisation in Group Stand projects throughout Europe, and since 2012 overseas in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

2017 was an important year: furnishing 38,000 m2 of outfitting solutions thanks to the creativity, precision and efficiency of a fantastic team supported by well consolidated organisation, resulting in BD EXPO doubling its revenue.

In 2007 BD SMART SYSTEM was conceived, a new line of dividing walls and furnishings that are completely collapsible, with a rapid and precise method of installation that is easy to manage pleasing on the eye and compatible with any requirement.

BD EXPO has always been attentive to the development of an authentic sustainability and has designed products using carefully selected materials, optimising the use of raw materials and their reuse.

The high level of agility in warehousing and transportation make BD SMART SYSTEM a genuine for the company, minimizing costs.

To create great things we mustn’t only act, but also dream.

Not only design, but also believe.

There is no authentic innovation without profound social, cultural and economic transformation, that eliminates the old inequalities and offer more effective organised models.

Keeping up with production technologies of Industry 4.0 SMART revolutionised the entire company system in 2007, allowing for the development of new Trade Fair products that are unique and recognisable for their simplicity and elegance as well as their ability to fully interpret the messages of their user.

The key elements of the system are: TECHNOLOGY, CONNECTIVITY and PEOPLE.