The production cycle of every project is developed in the technical office, which organises and plans the design and coordinates purchasing.

The flow of materials is managed with tablets and the industrial carpentry works using CNC machinery wherein every piece is coded with a unique barcode.

Every single piece is tracked and closely monitored, guaranteeing quality in both product and service.

The cost of Logistics is always relevant in any job. BD EXPO invests many resources in this regard and adopts all necessary strategies to assist its simplification. All material is managed in personalised BD SMART SYSTEM trolley/housing, produced by BD EXPO.

“Logistics is the Art and Science of organisation, from the design and activity regarding the requirements, the
definition, the supply and the necessary resources to supported objectives, plans and operations”

Society of Logistic Engineers

BD EXPO is specialised in digital printing, and thanks to specialised personnel who have been operating in this sector for many years, the company has been able to respond with professionalism and creativity to any request.

Collaborations with consolidated partners support BD EXPO during the most important events.

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